The world according to a three year old

Some pre blog moments that must not be forgotten!

“Look Mummy its a willy” shouted at the top of his voice in Waitrose about raw chicken drumsticks….in front of my grandma

“No you cant have an ice cream G, how about a yoghurt?” fast forward about two minutes “we need to have a chat about something mummy…(looks me in the eye)…the ice cream” two minutes later he’s eating a mini milk – his negotiation skills are strong, mine are weak

He cant do a poo on the potty because….he might fall in, the poo is too big and its too noisy….

“I am so impressed you tidied up all the duplo mummy”

Whilst standing hand on hips…screaming “I want to be a good boy!”

In the car returning from what we thought what a lovely holiday “Don’t laugh mummy and daddy…be quiet you two…I said don’t laugh”