To my boys

To my boys

So the day has nearly come after a year of fun! I’m back to work and we are back to the ‘old’ routine of nursery but with a new little addition joining in the fun and games and breakfast club to contend with – continental breakfast don’t you know 😉

Way back in Jan 2016 I spent days cleaning like a maniac and preparing you, big piggle, to become the big brother with endless reads of various stories and endless discussions about what was about to happen – you appeared non phased. The baby bedroom was ready, the house sterile, I was in a panic about every aspect of childbirth and we were preparing to become a family of four. A lot has changed in the last year. We welcomed our gorgeous little piggle in February, completing our family and definitely outnumbering me! Three boys in the house in going to be interesting!

H you arrived only a couple of days late, sharing my mums birthday and you were everything and more we could have ever hoped for. Absolutely gorgeous (biased I know), and from day one had a wonderful temperament. Calm and collected, yet full of fun, measured and quite sensible, but with a glint in your eye. Absolutely massive and causing quite a traumatic birth however you have always slept like a champ, eaten like a true member of our family and are generally a joy to be with (apart from when you open kitchen cupboards or poo in the bath…not cool).

Spending the summer with both my boys was magical, I had some extra time with big piggle as well as some time alone with our newest addition and it was a lovely balance. Yes it was hard at times, I felt like a washing/ironing/cleaning slave and did struggle to adjust to the change of being at home full time, but I think we succeeded in having fun times and family times the three of us at home, a new little crew! Sometimes we struggled to get out of the house, other times we were out before nine as mummy needed to find something to do! Sometimes we just went to the park or for a picnic in grandmas garden, and other times we went on adventures and had fun days out. With rose tinted glasses each day was wonderful in its own way, in reality we had our ups and downs but there were definitely many ups!

Both of you are unlikely to remember a lot of this time, a time so precious to me and something I won’t ever forget. Every day it seemed we had a new development and now H is growing at a rate of knots learning to climb things, open things and generally get up to mischief! Every day I had to snigger at another random comment (shouting ‘look mummy it looks like a willy’ at some chicken in Waitrose is still a highlight!).

To the big brother, the best big brother there has ever been! You adapted effortlessly and welcomed a new addition with open arms. No jealously just kindness, we are told often by nursery how kind and considerate you are and how you like to ‘take in’ the new ones that arrive. You did just that with H and he is definitely in awe of you. My favourite time is watching you in the bath, you both think the same things are hilarious and he watches you like you are his world, the best person he has ever known. The adoration makes me melt. Yes you have grown up at a rate of knots suddenly into Lego and marvel and with a gift for the chat back, but then again this year marked the end of some baby stages …nappies were swapped for big boy pants (you decided once the baby was here you would do it and dry nights and days followed swiftly!), and you are able to hold some really mature conversations, get yourself dressed…and of course the newest addition of the ‘just flip it over’ coat trick which really is one of my favourite things yet! Plus as we walked to the shop today, you had the money in your pocket for your chocolate egg and I was holding the baby, I realised you do listen sometimes and you are such a grown up boy. The high five at the till with the cashier was pretty awesome!

And to you little piggle. I did genuinely feel a bit of concern about how we would fit another little person into our lives but I was so so misguided. You have well and truly knocked me for six, you are well adjusted and non clingy but your love for cuddles with me makes my day. At times you have been plonked in the bouncy chair, on the floor, on another person but you always stayed calm and you always without fail came back to me with warmth. Super special just like your brother and absolutely made to be the cheeky little one. Your understated confidence and that little screwed up nose smile are infectious!

And so onto later in our year, Daddy piggle got a wonderful new job, which he seems to be thriving in. It’s meant a few adjustments for us three like him working late nights and a different routine but the time off before the job started and a lovely long Christmas holiday have shown us the importance of booking out some family time over the year.

We embraced holidays come rain or shine, one of my favourite memories being walking with the pram by myself down to the campsite shop with my five week old and three year old to get the breakfast. I nailed it all on my own and we laughed nearly all the way. I got a ‘well done’ from the cashier and I know little H loved the fresh sea air! I loved our days on he beach with the big boys running in the sea and me and H staying sensibly behind, our family lunches out and massive ice creams in the sunshine (or cloud!). Beaches, lighthouses, rain, sun, swimming pools, planes, legoland, taxi rides and hotels followed. We do love a family holiday!

Big piggle your run in with the chicken pox inspired this blog, my run in with the flu and pneumonia nearly finished it as I lost all enthusiasm for anything really. Two tough months passed and as if in a flash I’m going back to work and reducing our ‘mummy days’ but I’m back on form and being your mummy again.

We will always have the mummy days, the days of chatting back and arguments, and the days of fun and frolics in the sunshine. The days of endless washing and an evil trip to the shops, and the days of soft play and school visits.

To both my boys, never forget that your mummy is always there whatever and whenever….and I will never forget how much joy you bring me in the special moments.

Here is to many more xxxxx


My Petit Canard



One thought on “To my boys

  1. My Petit Canard says:

    Awww such a lovely post. I remember reading a lot of your posts last year when your little piggle was around the age that my littlest is now and it just brought it home to how quickly the next few weeks and months are going to go.. before long I’ll be in exactly the same position as you so I want to make the most of it and reading this post has made me think about what kind of adventures and things we can squeeze in to make the most of it 🙂 It sounds like you had such a lovely and magical time with your little ones, I really hope I look back and think the same. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post on #MarvMondays. Emily


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