Crazy Christmas…fun times

We survived Christmas and 2017 has arrived. As usual the holidays have gone far too quickly and whilst we have had a lot of family time it all felt like it went too fast and before you know it you are trying to regain control of home life. This year we were both off all Christmas which is something I hope we continue year on year now as it was definitely needed and a very special time with the boys.

Big piggle did struggle a bit with all the ‘parties’, presents, having both parents around for days on end and his behaviour has been challenging at times, but we have also had some great chats and I think he has had a wonderful Christmas. We continue to be challenged by the fact he will not listen, he’s always too busy with his brain whirring thinking about other things, and we have a new lovely milestone of the ‘chat back’ which to be honest just gets on my nerves. But evidently a three year old knows much better than his mother at all times! That said he has certainly brightened our days, and tested my Lego building skills. We have endless numbers of new toys, Lego is definitely still a favourite but he is also now into lots of superhero and power ranger figures. He managed to get his girl cousin playing along, and to balance it out they played sylvanians on Boxing Day.

Little piggle has used the holidays to start pulling himself up, he’s very confident getting onto his knees but still not so much with the standing. He’s very different to his brother, despite being his mini clone in looks, he is much more measured and much less physical. The big one was able to pull himself up at eight months and was confident standing, he’s been very rough and tumble from the start. It’s so interesting to see their differences and similarities. Facially they are very similar but the little one is much longer in size and quite slender, his brother very broad and a little chunky. The footballer and the rugby player perhaps. They are very connected to one another and love to spend time together, big piggle mentioned “before H when I was on my own” over the holidays, he agreed it was better now he had a brother. I hope that having each other will now mean neither are ever on their own and I am excited to see how their friendship develops.

Now the little one is on the move and starting to get much more involved in things you can see some frustrations from the big one, having to keep his toys out of the way, not wanting to be climbed on by a baby who now wanting to ‘share’…however overall they are great together and I’m looking forward to us getting into our routine in January and muddling through together!

Top Christmas Moments

The magic of Father Christmas – getting the food prepared for his tray and the excitement of the mess he left on the floor in the morning – too many leaves! Big piggle loved meeting him this year “I wasn’t even scared mummy”, sadly I wasn’t there but my mum tells me he had a long and very confident chat with him including asking him not to make a mess!

The pure elation when they get the toys on the list!

The Christmas Concert – just amazing, my perfect little shepherd with his dancing and whistling

Cooking Christmas Dinner – after spending many weeks in bed/on the sofa unable to do much I cooked the Christmas dinner, well most of it!

And I have a favourite new year moment already. Big piggle running off down the pedestrianised street in town singing ‘the farmer wants a wife’ (random choice) towards the toy shop so he could see the new window display.

Now anyone who knows me will know that a Christmas round up this year must mention George Michael. Such sad news to wake up to on Boxing Day. Big piggle has been asking to listen to “wake me up before you go go” (sometimes “co co”) in the car and so the indoctrination continues down the family line! I remember my childhood being filled with his music, and his music alone none of the gossip or stories that come alongside it. Above all he was a brilliant singer and songwriter. Whilst at school I worked at the cafe near to his home in Goring and I have a signed bottle of champagne which I received for my 18th birthday, unfortunately for my family this eclipsed most other gifts I received! I have no doubt his music will endure and maybe one day another little three year old will want to dance along to wake me up before you co co in the car!



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