Christmas Countdown!

So….I wrote this at the start of the month before we had a bit of an ‘episode’ and I am now in hospital with suspected pneumonia. Some of these things won’t be happening this year, our trip is cancelled and I don’t think I will be going out getting a christmas tree anytime soon but….whilst I have shed quite a lot of tears and feel slightly cheated about November being so rubbish with flu, and now December with this, when I read the post back this morning it made me smile. This would be my run down to Christmas….now old breathless, currently using a wheelchair for transport, will attempt to do as much of it (slowly and calmly) as I can…once I am allowed to go home.

With only 24 days to go until Christmas it must be time for a festive round-up! We are really excited this year, I’m off work until January and the big piggle is really understanding it again. Last year was our first year of him thinking about Father Christmas, or Farmer Christmas as he continues to call him, and asking questions about it all. This year he completely understands but also is feeling how long the wait is until the big day! So now we are in December what are we going to be doing to get in the Christmas spirit!

1. A visit to Father Christmas – our local town has a Christmas event on Sunday and the best Father Christmas (he must be the real one) will be in attendance at the grotto. You can visit him, get a gift, and have your photo taken so we will be taking the boys. <luckily big piggle got to meet FC thanks to the grandparents, sounds like he loved it>
2. Writing letters to Father Christmas – we have already got this done and dusted complete with pictures of the big man himself and Rudolph! I didn’t have the heart to send the pics I had to keep them for the memory box!

3. The Christmas Tree – this weekend we are getting the tree, a visit to the tree barn for the perfect tree and wreath for the door. This is still one of my favourite Christmas traditions. I absolutely love decorating the tree and getting all the Christmas bits out. I do love clearing it all up after the event and having a nice clear house again but for the month it’s pretty special! Where we currently live we also have some outside lights which always make me feel festive, most of the houses along the road have some sort of lighting on their balconies so the road looks so cosy and Christmassy. Will the big piggle be joining in with the tree decorating?? I’m going to struggle I think this year, this is my domain but fear I may have to share!
4. Advent Calendar – this year I have invested in a felt calendar with little pockets and plan on giving the big piggle a little present or a chocolate each day, this goes against all my principles as we never had chocolate calendars when we were little but I have loved hunting for £1 gifts (and some a little more) for him to open in the run up to Christmas. Yes I’m having the ‘are they too spoilt’ debate in my head again but actually it’s probably just spreading the presents out….hmmm.
5. Christmas food – ah mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas biscuits, roses, quality streets…need I go on
6. Annual trip to Copenhagen – the grown ups are heading to Copenhagen for some pre xmas fun, we didn’t go last year as I was very pregnant and our fun mainly revolves around shopping, walking and drinking all of which wasn’t the most practical when feeling fat and tired. But this year we are looking forward to a weekend of indulgence. The Danes do Christmas very well….
7. Christmas Concert – the nursery concert is set to be a highlight this year, last year he was just too little and completely freaked out on stage. A year on, and one successful Easter concert later, he’s so excited and has invited us all to come and watch as he plays a very important part…a shepherd. “I need a croc mummy” my response was a blank expression, “you know a croc to look after the sheep” ah a crook! How does he know these things! A glass of wine, mince pie and lots of emotions, it’s going to be a great event that i am really excited about. We are just starting to get snapshots of the songs at home!
8. Christmas Eve lunch – my grandma cooks us all up a delicious Christmas eve treat of duck followed by traditional danish rice pudding. There is one whole almond in it and a prize to be won. Lots of schnapps, trying to control hyper children, and a little present later we head home for a chilled Christmas Eve night.
9. The big day – we host Christmas Day now, it’s amazing being at home and getting to spend the day locked in and enjoying food and being merry. We usually have visitors so it’s not just us! Since having children being at home has become really important to us, just staying in and enjoying the day fully chilled with no rushing around or driving anywhere. The boys will get their stockings and Father Christmas presents in the morning to keep them busy and then we do family presents after lunch. I love long drawn out present giving enjoying watching each person and seeing what they think of the gift you have carefully picked for them. Big piggle likes to tear up the place but he does well with the slow pace as long as he can help!
10. Christmas crafts…now each year I think I’m insane trying to do some sort of craft with either paint, glue, scissors but we have made some pretty cool things each year so I will try again. I will get out my plastic table cloth and attempt to create something…wish me luck!!

Merry Christmas!!



4 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown!

  1. mommyandrory says:

    I’m so sorry to hear how poorly you’ve been! You sounded really excited to be off until January so I can imagine how devastated you are! I really hope you start to feel better soon and make it home in time to join the festivities!

    Your Christmas Eve lunch sounds amazing! I love duck and I’ve been trying to think of something special to cook Christmas Eve. I think you may have inspired me!

    Merry Christmas X #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mummuddlingthrough says:

    Oh no, what rotten timing to be poorly – best wishes and hope you feel tip top for the big day. Make sure you take it easy and let everyone run around after you this year hun xx
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub


  3. Rhyming with Wine says:

    Oh my goodness how awful to be struck down and taken off your feet at this time of year? I hope you get to enjoy as much as possible from your Christmas Countdown list and that you still get to enjoy your Christmas Eve meal and celebration. You’ve definitely earned those choccies xx #coolmumclub


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