Coughs, colds and other germs

We are recovering from being a house of germs, illness hit us and it has not been pleasant. For the entire last month there seems to have been some sort of cough, flu, cold, general germs in our house. Personally I was ill for what felt like a lifetime, I spent a week in bed and the best part of the week on the sofa, the longest two weeks of my life and I’m still not right. Being ill when you have children is officially the worst thing ever, thankfully a few family members could come to my rescue for nursery runs and some walks with the little piggle but my house became a messy pit and I felt completely out of control. Both things do not sit well with me!

The boys have had colds and coughs but coped well. Big piggle has been a bit dramatic with his coughing but we are over the worst. The doctor after telling us it was nothing to worry about then referred us to an infectious diseases team and we got a letter about whooping cough. All vaccinations are up to date and apparently we were past the infectious period if this is what it was but still…I was sat drinking tea in despair at not being able to get off the sofa feeling grim and got the call. This is not a call you want to receive I wondered what was going on! But to be fair they were checking there were no vulnerable people in our home and ensuring there was nothing we needed to do to stop the spread of the germs.

There have been some brighter moments too. Big piggle has all of a sudden shot up and seems very tall and grown up. Some of his toddler chub has finally gone and he randomly can wear most of last years clothes again. We have come a long way, last year he was in nappies and needed the room in the trousers. Now he’s all grown up and getting so tall and wearing pants. His vocabulary is amazing and he is a hilarious little character with a very sensitive soul. He had a trip to the cinema whilst I was ill to see Trolls and he now has an obsession, he loved it and loves the music. Hearing him sing along again shows me how grown up he has become!

He’s very excited about Christmas and wrote his letter to Father Christmas, as well as a slightly longer list so we all know what to buy him! It’s a long slog to the big day as the excitement starts so early.

The little one is now nine months and is developing quickly. He commando crawls across the room and flies around, with little regard for furniture that he might hit into. He has little interest in his own basket of toys instead preferring a matchbox car or some piece of plastic rubbish his brother owns. He does like chasing balls around and randomly his current favourite toy is a plastic onion from the play kitchen…weirdo. He’s currently hitting it with a maraca which the big one tells me is a version of golf.

When you are feeling ill and you can’t care for your children as you would like you spend hours feeling guilty and this probably contributes to staying ill for longer! When you are ill you realise that stupid saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is true and you need people around you to help, or you need a great Nursery willing to take your children at super short notice. I also realised how much I actually value those things I probably describe as mundane, keeping the house clean and cooking nice food for the family, taking care of my boys. What is going on? I’m back to work in just over a month so let’s see what juggling act that creates!


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2 thoughts on “Coughs, colds and other germs

  1. My Petit Canard says:

    Oh gosh, being ill with little ones is the absolute pits and it sounds like you’ve been ill for more than a while you poor thing! Its lucky you’ve got family around that can help out when you really need it, it makes such a difference when you are really poorly. Good luck with the return to work, the countdown is on for me too after Christmas! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


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