October, October..autumn’s here…

The song of the month “October, October, October…autumns here, autumns here, leaves are falling, winters coming…” Thank you CBeebies for a tune that was literally stuck on loop in my head and now we have the imaginatively titled November, November. However it is very correct and very appropriate. So October has come and gone I literally cannot believe it. I really want to capture what has been a super busy month in our house with lots of change…I have started to write posts so many times this month and they just haven’t happened. So here goes….a brief round up

1. New jobs and new cars

All change, daddy piggle has got a new job and started on the first working day of October complete with obligatory post holiday cold and a failing voice (just in time for an important presentation – in the first week no less). It feels like he has worked there for ages already, well for me anyway maybe not for him. He has settled well, seems to have met lovely people, and bar a few technology issues…there was the saga of the iPhone meaning he was walking around with a rather stylish £4.99 Nokia, aka the beast, for a good couple of weeks…all seems good. It’s great when new jobs go to plan.

Then we had the ‘new car’ aka The Hog which was actually our old car which made its way back to us as a runaround to drive to the station. I had the pleasure of using this for a couple of weeks and I have to say when our actual new family car (cars were linked to the old job) turned up after a week or so it was a dream! I said a sad farewell to my beloved mini but nevermind, I am back to work soon and perhaps one day we can have another one. The day I discovered they made a five door version of the mini, I gave my old one up when I had big piggle, it was like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one. Best car ever.

2. The threenager

We had some pretty special time at the start of the month as after some epic fails at motherhood, and feeling pretty awful about the state of the nation in our house, we had some really lovely days. We made the most of the autumn sunshine getting out and about in the crisp leaves and chillier air and we found our rhythm again. We worked out when not to mess with each other and when to spend time together smiling and laughing.

He has been playing Lego like such a grown up boy and playing beautifully with his brother so I should be very thankful for this. His natural ability to be the big brother, caring and protective over the little piggle is really great to watch. He is very caring and kind with him so we must be doing something right. When we have the tough, shouty, never going to end days I must remind myself of the lovely days we spend and the lovely little boy he has become. When I go back to work I will miss it all. That said three year olds are world experts in finding ways to wind up their parents.

3. Schools….agh

I visited a number of schools this month, we need to make our choices for primary places before January (not sure how this has happened so quickly) and we are in no way guaranteed to get into our catchment school due to some poor planning and over developing of the village we live in. I never really realised that schools were so different and I naively presumed they would all be like my old primary. Anyway off I went to investigate and came across startling differences and realised that actually I do need to make sure it’s the right fit for us.

There was one formal open day where I was shown around by two year five girls, another was a private visit with the school business manager. One felt small and familiar, the other bigger and more modern. One was a little old and tired and the other had mixed year groups which I couldn’t get my head around. Overall luckily I think I preferred the school not in our catchment which we have a real chance of getting into. They have clubs before and after school for that vital childcare support and its in a location on the way to work. I think it will work for us so I am going to take big piggle for a visit.

I can’t quite get used to the fact my little boy is going to big, grown up school but I know he will love it. It’s going to be emotional….

4. One grown up baby

The pace of little piggles development this month has been monumental. He now commando crawls, eats finger food pretty well, plays with toys…all of a sudden I can see the little boy coming through, he is getting mischievous and cheeky. I have forgotten how much attention you need to pay to their every move and it has been tiring as he is into everything, but the moments of him and his brother playing together, him discovering a new corner of the room, a new toy, they are magical. I have completely lost control of all housework, cleaning and other mum jobs because of all of this change but it is so rewarding seeing another baby grow into a little man.

We have booked in his settling in nursery sessions and I have nine more weeks to enjoy my boys at home. With Christmas hurtling towards us it’s going to be an exciting time.

5. Pumpkins

Big piggle is not a Halloween fan and we didn’t celebrate other than make some cakes and get a pumpkin. Pumpkin picking with the cousins was fun, and we enjoyed making a happy faced pumpkin to go with our ‘indoor’ Halloween that was in no way scary. He went against the grain and dressed up as Spider-Man for nursery celebrations rather than a traditional skeleton or perhaps a vampire but he loved it. And pretty impressively he managed to have no toilet accidents whilst wearing an all in one suit!

And so onto November, November….the 11th month of the year….thanks CBeebies x

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4 thoughts on “October, October..autumn’s here…

  1. themuddledmother says:

    Such beautiful pictures and what a beautiful family. Hope your husbands new job is going well and baby isn’t causing too much trouble crawling #marvmondays

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kaye says:

    That’s a fab looking pumpkin! Im so not looking forward to picking a school when little man is old enough. We have a couple of years yet but I’ve already been looking at ofsted ratings ahh. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


  3. Annette says:

    Lovely photos. We are looking at schools too. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone don’t you think? We have a couple more to visit, then onto making that all important list. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam


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