Hyggelit Hygge and why Danes are the best

As Its Autumn I have been thinking about the things I love about the colder, darker months. I would love the months to be truly cold as the seasons are starting to blend a bit in this country. I hate dull, damp, drizzle but I love cold, crisp and sunny.

Anyway the Danes as a nation love a bit of Hygge, it seems to be all the rage nowadays with articles in newspapers and quotes everywhere about how the Scandinavians make the best of their seasonal situations.


We were bought up on Hygge, a good dose of family dinners and candles. Films with hot chocolate and board games. Cold walks and big lunches. And now it’s up to me to make our family Hygge. So for the piggles and our family these are my thoughts….

1. Candles and side lamps – real or fake candles will do. Always have side lamps, putting on the main light is some sort of crime. Big piggle loves the lantern with the fairy lights in and enjoys it by his dinner in the winter! Having the right lighting means you can feel all warm and cosy inside.


2. Snuggled under a blanket – I love a blanket, a quilt, anything I can put on my knee and indulge my granny side. Big piggle is becoming a fan too! So pull on a blanket and snuggle into the sofa. Another favourite is to pull on a blanket at a bar in Copenhagen, sit outside in December and enjoy the cold air and crisp Christmas beer.


3. Get your family involved – Hygge to me is family time. Whether it be a lovely lunch/dinner with drinks and laughs or some tea and cake, watching a good film, playing a game (in our case mainly rebuilding Lego) being inside and cosy with your nearest and dearest is true Hygge.

4. Wear some boots and a hat and go for a long walk in the cold – stamp through some leaves, go somewhere with no cars, let the children run wild and burn off some serious energy. Enjoy a lovely hot chocolate when you get in and feel your tingly toes and hands warm up (thanks to central heating rather than a glorious open fire in our case, but do sit in front of the fire if you have it!)


5. Have a big lunch/dinner – invite the family round, all squeeze into a space usually only occupied to this intensity at Christmas, and have fun chatting and eating. Do not let any men or children put on football or CBeebies, enjoy some good company, good food and good laughs.
6. And one just for the parents…enjoy an evening drink on the sofa – a glass of your favourite tipple when the children are in bed, let the day glide over you, possibly pull on that blanket, and indulge in some ‘me’ time


I’m not a big reader but I imagine snuggled up on the sofa reading a book is Hygge, having snuggles with a new baby, having snuggles with your big babies…the list is endless!

And finally if you are in any doubt as to what Hygge means….visit my grandmas house at about 7.30pm on a autumn/winter evening. Candles, lovely food smells, some music on and a glass poured. She is the master of Hygge…true Dane 🇩🇰

On a final note I read this in a magazine on the plane recently….it was advertising log burners but I thought it was rather nice! http://www.morso.co.uk

The gentle warmth of the fire, a cheeky glass of something special and the crackle of the flames, there’s no better way to round off a great day.

Enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

We Danish have a word for it.


My Petit Canard

5 thoughts on “Hyggelit Hygge and why Danes are the best

  1. No Manual to Mummy says:

    Oh this post has made me feel all warm and cosy inside.I wish where I am would differentiate the seasons a bit more also. Just makes you feel the season that little bit more. I love the idea of little ones eating their dinner with a nice, cute little lantern. I may have to pinch this idea and try it with my own little one. I think she would love it (though probably sing happy birthday hehe). #MarvMondays

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Angela Watling says:

    I’m obsessed with hygge right now. I always wonder how much is just spin on the reality so it’s exciting to hear about your Grandma’s house! I am on a mission to get more cushions, throws and an extra lamp for our lounge right now. Thanks for sharing x #CoolMumClub

    (p.s. Love your son’s little chair!)

    Liked by 1 person

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