Crazy cousin and why we all love her

My sisters baby has started school and we are missing our time with her. Today however we met her at the park after school…it was all too much! So this ones for you M 💗

Dear M

All grown up and packed off to school, you have got a new little swagger and some hilarious sayings that clearly the older ones have taught you. You are more tired than you have ever known and your brain is working overdrive. As a result your bossiness surpasses even your mother (and maybe me) and your strops are epic!

You only have boy cousins and this possibly annoys you. But…enjoy them, pick on them, don’t let them wind you up or win! G would literally do anything to make you smile, his adoration always makes me laugh. The little one loves your kisses and attention, your calm lovingness is definitely something that a three year old brother cannot bring.

Don’t be too quick to grow up and think we are uncool. Your hair and makeup will always be better than mine (hairdresser mother and beautician grandma!) as will your clothes (they already are!) but we will always be here and excited to see you. My boys will probably be smelly and annoying, and G still won’t stop talking, but make sure you come to our house, play with some action heroes and get muddy. Keep me company amongst the testosterone. Let me buy you clothes that are pink and sparkly and buy as much junk jewellery as I possibly can!

Always give your uncle cuddles, he loves those cuddles. Running and jumping up, you so excited to see him. There is something different about your cuddles to the boys cuddles. I think it’s the smile that goes with them!

And most of all never change. You are a hilarious mix of your parents both in looks and personality. Your firery nature pushes all their buttons and you love a good time (and a mirror 😂). You are just like my sister and it makes me smile, she has met her match!

So don’t change, don’t grow up too soon. Keep stropping and keep smiling 💗

Love you x




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