Glorious Greece and another piggle adventure

There are lots of things to love about holiday, but as always it was the last day and I felt as though we had only just got into the groove. But the best holidays are the ones you are sad to leave. We have been so fortunate this year to go on a number of adventures, making the most of my maternity leave. Ten days however is a must next time for a sun holiday, by the time everyone relaxes and gets into holiday mode and routine it’s time to board the plane again and head for the UK. To face the hideousness that is a UK airport and the horrendous number of people. Passport control and requiring a pound for a trolley are enough to swipe back that holiday feeling, like a slap in the face welcome back to England and back to reality.

The UK within a week seems noticeably cooler, Autumn has arrived with everyone facebooking photos of conker collecting, orange leaves and commenting on wearing boots one day and sandals the next. Little piggle is back in his baby grows not summer rompers and the evenings are dark and cosy. The big one still refuses to wear joggers so off he went to nursery in his shorts and a streaming cold from the swimming pool! Will have to take him shopping and see if I can re-convince him in the way of trousers.

The holiday has been mostly ups with the boys being so good bar the occasional non listening event or exhaustion related behaviour. The journey home was a bit too long for them I think, little one was clingy yesterday which he never is and the big one….I have no words he just lost it!

But back to the good stuff, we were picked up from the airport by a very swish mini van complete with Peppa Pig on Tv and cooled bottled water so we sat back and let the driver whisk us off to the beach. On arrival the cool fizzy wine and view of the sea welcomed us to Greece and instantly relaxed us into holiday. A golf buggy takes you to your room and we straight away dug out our swimming gear and headed to the pool.

The holiday mainly consisted of days by the pool/beach with one big piggle practicing some serious diving skills. He donned a snorkel mask and literally spent every day diving into the toddler pool, with the occasional cool dip in the ‘big’ pool, aka the cold pool, with a parent. Suitably sorted with as many inflatables attached to his body as possible he was flinging himself into the deepish water. I still struggle with the fact that this is the child who has a meltdown when having his hair washed. He does have very little awareness of others personal space, talks to anyone which is definitely not like either of his parents, and he was very protective over his own pool toys. But he had a fabulous time and it did at times give us an opportunity to just chill on the sun loungers watching him have fun. Everyone definitely knew his name as he did bring his non listening ears in holiday but you can’t have everything. The sea bought a new adventure in the waves in a blow up boat, another body of water the big one loved and him and his dad spent ages jumping in waves. The sea stays at one depth for ages which makes it perfect for playing around in, we didn’t really spend enough time at the beach with the pool being the definite favourite this year.

On the first night for dinner big piggle wanted to wear his new arsenal polo top so he could look smart. So I pulled it over his head and put him in some navy shorts. Up to the mirror, hands in pocket he checked himself out, it was hilarious he was very proud of himself and his new top and clearly felt ready to go. He has told most people since we returned that we didn’t have a kitchen so we had to go out for food every night, this it seemed was very exciting albeit very tiring for someone so small. Little piggle had some food some evenings, and was asleep on others but mostly it worked well. They always bought the children’s main with starters which meant they didn’t have to wait to long to eat which was perfect. The iPad was an unfortunate entertainment provider on a number of occasions but I did notice this seems to be the child pacifier of choice on holiday for many a parent so I won’t beat myself up too much. 7pm dinner worked out well and I for one enjoyed not cooking for a week.

We had mostly good weather days with a couple of rainy periods. It unfortunately meant an ant infestation and a mini flood in our room (very unfortunate and lots of apologies) but this led to a fabulous upgrade to a beautiful room with the best bath I have ever seen! And now I realise how old and boring I have become that all I cared about was the bath…but it was amazing! It also meant complimentary spa treatments and on a rainy Thursday morning a massage was a fabulous treat.

When it rained there was face painting and the Greek Disney channel for the children, and a beer for the grown ups to keep us all entertained. My husband is moving jobs and this holiday I really felt we got the chance to have proper time with no work stress hanging over either of us, the little one is now big enough to join in a bit and it felt like we got to have some lovely moments together as our family of four, although I don’t believe we have one photo to evidence we were all in attendance on the holiday!

Little piggle had his own holiday experiences. Whilst he was beautifully behaved and chilled sleeping in his buggy by the pool, or sat with us watching the world go by on a sun lounger, he also cut a new tooth bringing the grand total to five (!) and had his first experience of swimming. He went in the pool in the baby seat inflatable and the first thing he did was propel himself away from us kicking his legs and smiling. He loves a bath so this was probably just an amazingly big bath he could push himself around in. He got lunch by the pool most days, brilliant service as puréed baby food is provided free by the hotel for its littlest guests. We discovered that some skin issues he had been having were potentially related to bananas, I spent a while feeling awful that I feed him banana with weetabix most days at home but we cut it our immediately and he is looking better. I still don’t think we have fully got to the bottom of it but it’s a start. Overall he continued to make us smile with his placid nature and happy disposition.

Every evening after dinner big piggle went back to the room in search of a ‘biccie’ on his pillow. He collected ours up as well and put them in a ‘safe place’. First night this was met to exclamations of “you must be kidding” which to be honest just made us laugh out loud so we let him eat ‘biccies’ to his hearts content!

We travelled with grandparents and this meant on the second to last night we had date night! I had a nice long soak in the aforementioned bath whilst they took the big piggle for dinner and then they put them both to bed whilst we went out. It was lovely to get a couple of hours grown up time, I think we consumed a little too much wine and talked far too much about the children but as I have said before I love the time we get together just us two it just isn’t often enough. With the new job doing up and me going back to work in the new year I know that date night is something I must work on and make sure we get our time together, some grown up time to chill.

Overall we had a wonderful time, we didn’t do too much just stayed at the resort but as its so perfect for families there was no reason to leave. We could go down to the marina for a change during the day or for dinner and we had the pool and beach on our doorstep. For us it had everything we needed.

And so we are home, it’s a bit chilly, we are a bit grumpy and there is a lot of washing. It is however nursery today, the coffee machine is on and I am savouring the last few days/weeks when the little one really is little. He is growing in independence and I have no doubt he will work out how to move himself shortly and then the fun really starts. And tonight it will be dark by the little ones bedtimes, we will eat home cooked food and watch some rubbish on TV….and actually we can start to be hyggelit, I will get the candles out and get ready for the next season to be upon us.

My Petit Canard


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3 thoughts on “Glorious Greece and another piggle adventure

  1. My Petit Canard says:

    What a lovely holiday. It sounds like it was just perfect for two little ones. Our first holiday with just our little lady was similar and our second holiday this summer wasnt too far from it. To be honest whilst theyre young all you need is a really good hotel and a couple of nice local restaurants 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Loved seeing all your holiday pics. Emily


  2. Annette says:

    I am so jealous! This sounds like the perfect holiday and I love your photos of your adventures. We love the beach, so anywhere with a sandy one would be thumbs up from us. Lovely to get an upgrade, even if you had to put up with a few little hiccups along the way. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x


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