Super Six – Six reasons why I’m loving six months

I realised the other day that six months really is pretty cool. As we hurtle towards seven months here is why I am loving this stage with the little piggle…

New things – everyday something new. He is now sitting up pretty well as long as he has cushions around him, or is in his playnest. It means he can play with new toys (and we can see his cute face not squidged up lying down). He can join in with his brother and he can see everything around him. He can now clap which he thinks is great fun and rocks himself on your knee as he wants to do row row row the boat.

Weaning – testing new food, seeing him love most thing and enjoying being able to sit and eat with us. He gets quite angry if he thinks he’s been forgotten! He also looks super cute in his high chair with his messy little face.

Smiles, laughs and love – so much smiling! The way his eyes light up when he sees us, especially in the morning after a long sleep or when his daddy gets home from work. He puts his arms around our necks and snuggles in, he shows affection in such an adorable way and he is such a happy little soul.

Baby babbles – lots of chats. Lots of dadadada and many other babbles. The screaming when he is unimpressed is not so fun but you can’t have everything.

Everything is new and exciting – everything to him is interesting, different, a treat. Seeing the joy little ones get out of simple things is wonderful. Considering he is my child and I am petrified of dogs the excitement when he sees a dog is hilarious, his wrists and hands start shaking and he babbles away. The excitement when he sees his milk bottle, or a new toy (ie one he hasn’t seen for a day or even better one of his brothers)is the sweetest thing.

He can’t move! Yet…. I love six months because you get all the fun and interaction with no moving, apart from a little bit of rolling. This makes life a lot easier. I remember first time being absolutely knackered out as soon as the big piggle started to move chasing him around with everything being a danger zone….this fun is all to come!


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2 thoughts on “Super Six – Six reasons why I’m loving six months

  1. prettyinplaydough says:

    I am always excited about every different milestone we hit, and I always claim it’s my favourite age! I loved six months, it was brilliant and I could shower all by myself without any worry! #dreamteam


  2. bridiebythesea says:

    I loved 6-7 months too! It was the first time I felt in the groove as a mum and could really see that my daughter was happy and enjoying our days together. The sitting up is a huge bonus…we made it to 14 months before any movement as she went from sitting to standing without crawling at all, but whatever happens for you, these are happy days! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam Hope you come back again next week x


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