Beautiful brothers and different experiences

No mummy blog would be complete without a bit of a birth story….so click away now if you are not interested. I intend to keep the gore to a minimum so don’t worry!

So what have I learnt? I have learnt that no two things are the same, that you can love more than one child just as much as you loved the first (genuinely couldn’t get my head around that), that you don’t always feel that rush of love they show in films, sometimes you are too knackered, but it comes. The unexpected is to be expected and they obviously zap you with something when you leave hospital so all the bad bits are erased and you fancy doing it all over again! Second time the zapping hasn’t been so successful 😉

So big piggle, natural labour although had to be induced and therefore was recommended an epidural. Took time, lots of time. I started contractions on the Friday, admitted on the Saturday and he arrived on the Monday so it was pretty epic. I had plans for a natural labour until a lovely friend from work, not a mother herself, suggested perhaps don’t rule anything out. And that it the truly best piece of advice I have ever been given. It hardly ever goes to plan so be open minded, and I went into it focussed that whatever was necessary was necessary. After an arduous time, including examinations by a very handsome Greek consultant and lots of people in general looking at my you know what, G arrived. And the adventure began. I stayed overnight as the epidural had to wear off and we both started our parent journey absolutely exhausted….I was really lucky with my recovery I was up and about straight away enjoying the two weeks paternity leave we all had together.

For H it was different, completely different. I for some reason was extremely apprehensive, just the amount of time it took for G to arrive and the lack of control you have over your body was really playing on my mind. I honestly never expected that, I expected to be confident having done it before. Strange what hormones do to you.

My waters broke (they didn’t last time) I had passed my due date and spent hours on a birthing ball trying to assist gravity and this appeared to have worked. Sunday night I went to the toilet and went to get back into bed and there was a small pop…”I have either wet myself or my waters have broken” and then we thought what on earth do we do now, it didn’t happen like this last time! An early morning 4am call to the mother who rushed over and off we went to hospital to be checked. All ok, yes it was my waters (no shit Sherlock…by this time my trousers were drenched). I had been booked in for an induction the following day and sent home, hopefully things would progress naturally before that. Now my bump was large but I had absolutely no idea that there was so much water in there, just like when you spill that small glass of water by your bed and it’s like you left the tap on for the entire day!

Anyway things progressed and we were admitted later on the Monday, it was second time and I wasn’t in established labour so we were put onto the delivery ward and checked on now and then but left for things to progress naturally. Now I will never understand the term Natural Labour, I do not believe there is anything natural about it, well not in my experience anyway! Anyway this time I got my ‘natural labour’…no one tells you that you might not know that sensation is your body telling you to push, that gas and air is amazing at the start and then there is the come down when it doesn’t work anymore, and when it’s all over your body feels like it’s done twelve rounds with Mike Tyson and it hurts to even lift up your arm due to the random positions you get into to try and help with the pain.

In the end H was born in theatre luckily with Forceps and not the emergency section they had made me sign for – never do you want to hear the words this is a really big baby you won’t be able to get it out…um excuse me this is my 8.5lb baby that I have been promised by the midwife who said measuring over was nothing to worry about and it might be a little larger than my first. The comment ‘my goodness that tummy is all baby’ by the first midwife in hospital could have been a clue! Anyway out he came beating anyones sweepstake guess on size at 10lbs 3oz and with a head that was equal in size to his brothers at two months…ouch!

After the first time and itching to get home, this time round I enjoyed my H moments and being looked after in hospital. The crazy toddler at home was having a great time with relatives and mummy was having a moment of recovery. Our paternity leave wasn’t quite the same, this time round I wasn’t up to as much and in a lot of pain but we enjoyed days as our complete family and special H only days.

It was an amazing time and second time it’s different, you breathe in every moment and enjoy every second in a different way. Maybe it’s because you feel more confident, maybe it’s because we know he is probably our last. You know what the future holds and you know that it’s bloody quick….so I’m enjoying my little piggle snuggles when I can and I will be keeping him wearing babygrows as long as is acceptable! 💙


My Petit Canard
Rhyming with Wine

3 thoughts on “Beautiful brothers and different experiences

  1. Rhyming with Wine says:

    I couldn’t agree more. My first birth sounds like it was a bit of a combination of the two of yours (induced, lengthy, epidural and then forceps and a lengthy recovery), my second was the exact opposite with a water birth and just a bit of gas and air. It’s true that no two babies and no two labours are the same! I was also blessed with children who both had heads on the 99.6% centile (lucky me!) 10lb 3 though? Yikes! High five Momma! Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x


  2. Kaye says:

    It’s funny how we expect our subsequent labours to be the same as the previous one. With A, I had no signs and ended up having him after a sweep. With my second, I had lots of BH etc. though my water broke during labour with them both, but my second ended up being so much more traumatic. Every labour is different! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


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