Family Fun in North Jutland part 2

Instead of a diary (don’t want to bore either myself or you) I’m going to share some of the highlights from our holiday…remember it’s the happiest country in the world 🇩🇰😀

1. The food – no Family holiday in the piggle house is complete without full food indulgence. We love food and in Denmark love polser (red sausages), frikkadeller (meatballs), remoulade, stjerneskud (breaded plaice) and for the grown ups of course the schnapps. A Danish ice cream is a must if you have a sweet tooth, and I’m partial to a cold Carlsberg in the sunshine

2. The weather – I have memories of family holidays in Denmark spent in the rain…continuous rain. But for the last three years it has provided us with glorious sunshine (and some rain interference but not much). My tan has been commented upon and the fresh air is amazing. This holiday we did get stuck in a torrential downpour at Legoland, which of course stopped once we bought ponchos for about a million pounds. We then got soaked to the skin walking back from the lighthouse in the dunes. Big piggle travelled home naked wrapped in a towel, daddy piggle stripped off to his underpants in the car park…I maintained modesty and sat my wet arse on a plastic bag. The only dry one was little piggle who was in the sling so very protected, we seriously could have stood under a shower for fifteen minutes we were that soaked. However apart from that we were mostly sun kissed plus a little wind swept. Makes the children sleep like angels and perfect for lots of walks, playing in the beach and eating out.


3. The beach – nothing quite like the freezing cold sea and windswept sand to make you think holiday! But seriously the beaches in the North of Denmark are glorious. Long stretches of golden sand and sea as far as you can see. Danes appear to swim whatever the weather and my big piggle gets stuck right in. You can take your car onto certain stretches which whilst random it does make for an easy getaway once the fun has ended! We spent a lovely afternoon in sweltering heat at the beach in Lonstrup as the flood defences created nice pools safe for paddling. Whilst it’s not the Caribbean I for one love how unspoilt the beaches all are, full of nature with the shops/cafes/bars all in the towns well away from the seafront. Something very calming. We love Nr Lyngby beach at about 6pm perfect for a pre bedtime paddle for the piggle and some bracing sea air for the grown ups. Lokken beach is an all time favourite and always one to pair with a pit stop in town for an ice cream/beer.


4. The shopping – Stylish interior design and the best in homeware is synonymous with most of Scandinavia. The Danes know how to make somewhere hygge (google it and make your own!) with candles and blankets. They keep things simple and stylish even in your more ‘budget’ establishments. Lonstrup is awash with handmade glass and ceramics but for those of us with less cash to splash we visited Hjorring and took in some of our favourite home shops including Bahne, Imerco, Sostrene Greene…I was pretty happy about the fact we didn’t have to visit Tiger now that one has opened in our local shopping town!! Another favourite of my mum, grandma and auntie is the Loppe Marked…basically car boot and ‘antiques’ lots of Danish homeware – glasses, vases, jewellery, furniture. An Aladdin’s cave in some of the shops. Personally I preferred the established antique shops to some of the ‘sheds’ and my mum bought me some rather cool vintage schnapps glasses. Overall pleased with my haul of bits for the home.


5. Date night – yes! Staying with family all in one place meant we got out, twice! Dinner one night and early evening drinks another. Not only is this bath time and bedtime covered (amazing!) but some time for me and daddy piggle to actually speak. We don’t do many date nights at home so this was a fab memory. Eating steak, refusing water with my wine and listening to a Dane interpret some very varied musical choices from Jonny Cash to the Beatles made for laughs and happiness (ok so the music annoyed me but I did get more wine). Everyone was in holiday spirits and we sat outside with candles and wrapped in blankets having drinks until it was home time.


6. The Summerhouse – Fab is all I can say. Danish summer houses are on big plots with space for the children to play outside usually including play equipment. Ours had a sandpit and swing plus a number of nice big windows for big piggle to practice his Ninjago moves in – you can’t beat a reflection at that age. We had some brilliant laughs watching him play outside, he had fun times burning off energy and enjoying the freedom. We were about 15 minutes from town and 25 from the beach walking with the little ones so the location was great and the house was newly refurbished so it was all clean and bright. At the bottom of the road was a swimming pool and playground that big piggle loved visiting, for £3 it wasn’t going to break the bank – although the water was blinking cold I think my husband thought someone should pay him to go in it.



Happy Holidays from one of our Happiest places x


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