Big Piggle Update

So today I have the luxury of sitting on the balcony with a glass of rosé blogging! The boys are with their daddy as my mum and I decided to car boot a load of stuff this morning – quite an experience I have to say! We made over £100 and came back with about four less boxes than we went with so thought it was a success, but need to go back next month. Having not done one before we didn’t really know what to expect but it was interesting, sold things we didn’t think would sell and had some cheeky hagglers. Dare I say it was quite good fun.

Anyway I think I need a post dedicated to the big piggle as he has grown up so much in the last few months and as per usual has been coming out with some crackers. On Friday we were in Prezzo and he orders his lunch like a pro and then dessert, “and I would like the chocolate ice cream, does it come with a cone?”. He also told the waitress we would like some “secco” which whilst correct was possibly not great coming from a three year old. He has been telling me he likes me, “I really like you mummy” which I will take as a development in our relationship and this includes a hug, one day perhaps he will love me 😉 . His big brother kindness is really showing through and he loves keeping little piggle entertained, giving him cuddles and all the time wanting to hold hands. They are a little partnership, possibly against me, but I do hope they will grow up to be great friends.

On Monday he embraced Pirate week at nursery and decided that it was essential to wear an eye patch around town and say “ooh ar me hearties” and “shiver me timbers” at random strangers.  Luckily by midweek the novelty had worn off and we could go out without a pirate, however we now must travel everywhere with tigger strapped into the middle seat. Sometimes I am so confused.


On Tuesday his thoughts had turned to parent manipulation, shouting downstairs from bed so off I went as he would have a price to pay if he woke his brother, “mummy I feel sick, and if you feel sick you have to come downstairs”. Needless to say he was deposited back in bed, definitely no sickness there, and he was asleep pretty quickly. A good line though and good thinking.

Excitement hit fever pitch with a visit to the grandparents but to be fair he justified his craziness with the fact he was “just too excited”. Unfortunately this is not always the case and sometimes the craziness is just craziness, or indeed the constant noise just a noise for no reason. We had a day this week when every five seconds it was “mummy….mummy” said in that moaning tone. Losing the will I stated “I’m changing my name” and back came this little voice asking “what would you like to be called?”. Again clever thinking but not quite the point.

So as I wait for the “mummy….mummy” to come home I have been reflecting on how blissfully quiet it is here today, how wonderfully tidy it is and how I have hours of time to fill with no ties or plans.  And do you know what, it’s boring and I am counting down every second until I see them both again. Masters of manipulation these children, and stealers of sanity!



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6 thoughts on “Big Piggle Update

  1. Rhyming with Wine says:

    Aw you have such a cute little pirate there! Congrats on the car boot sale. I love doing them, although I do get a bit frustrated with the bartering and have to hold back from shouting “It’s ten pence!! Seriously? You want to haggle??” Thanks for sharing with #fartglitter x


  2. Kaye says:

    Love the pirate comments haha, little A loves pirates and always comes out with stuff like that. They grow up so fast it’s scary! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


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