World of weaning with my little piggle

More weaning fun this week, little piggle seems to be loving food and enjoying his two or three meals depending on how the day pans out.  We fit these in between his milk feeds and its lovely to all sit and have breakfast together in particular.  He is getting quite vocal about his desire to eat and he is sitting well in his high chair.

The best things I have found to have on hand for this whole weaning episode are:

  • Easy to clean blender
  • Steamer (lusting after the avent steamer/blender but cannot justify the cost)
  • Lots of little pots – make batches its quicker and easier to fill the freezer
  • Lots of plastic weaning spoons (where do they go?!)  and bowls
  • Wipeable bibs – some really good ones in Ikea
  • A high chair that is really easy to clean! We love the Ikea Antilop in our house
  • A big dose of patience – both for you and the baby especially when they end up being fed via the nostril and cheek by their big brother


I really tried with big piggle to ensure that I gave him tastes of things I didnt like to try and ensure he made his own choice about likes and dislikes.  I honestly think cauliflower is the devils work but I will persist cooking the stinky stuff and it seems H likes it.  The things we do for our children 😉 I also remember struggling with the smell cooking lamb but I persisted!

Whilst we are still enjoying some easy meals thanks to Ella’s kitchen below are some of the other fresh favourites at the moment.



  • Fresh mashed Banana
  • Main breakfast food is Ella’s banana porridge 🍌

Lunch and Dinner

  • Brocolli
  • Brocolli with cauliflower
  • Sweet potato with courgette and apple
  • Leek and potato with cheese
  • Cauliflower with cheese
  • Sweet potato mash
  • Banana with avocado


Shortly I am planning on adding in some natural yoghurt to his diet (a favourite of big piggles when mixed with blueberries) and I am looking forward to adding in some meat and fish and other bits like rice and pasta.  I was only discussing with my sister yesterday that I hope this will enthuse me to make lots more from scratch for big piggle too as they can eat the same.  I remember fish pie being a favourite and will cook up some cottage pie and lamb with cous cous.  I made a big batch of hidden vegetable sauce this week for both piggles with has filled up the freezer nicely.

I am very lucky as both boys have taken to food like ducks to water (well so far with the little one).  I cannot imagine how difficult it must be if your little one isnt a fan and a massive shout out to all the mums who struggle with this.  Its yet another thing for us to beat ourselves up about.  In fact even if your child does eat, debates about what to give them are so rife you can end up very confused and concerned. I have found the Ella’s Kitchen App and the Avent App really useful after they were recommended to me.  First time round I loved the Annabel Karmel book so must dig this out – apps are so easy though.

So from one second time mum who was slightly panicking and had forgotten all about weaning to anyone who is just starting this journey, go with the flow get your blender out (or for those brave mums out there your finger food) and have some fun showing a little one how to love food.

Bon Appetit x



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