Family Fun in North Jutland – Part 1

What a week, we have just come back from a fun filled but exhausting week in Denmark.  Little piggles first experience of flying and as usual he took it all in his stride.  Having done quite a bit of flying with the big piggle we were well prepared, albiet I hadnt planned to have a stomach full of banana breakfast sicked up all over me and I was the one family member I hadnt packed a change of clothes in hand luggage for – I smelt nice all day!


We have chosen North Jutland for the last three years for a Midsummer holiday.  My Grandma is originally from Denmark and with beautiful beaches, small towns and not many people it is a fabulous place to go on holiday with little ones.  Add to that the food, schnapps and shopping and its pretty good for adults too!

Day one we had promised one Lego obsessed little boy a trip to the orginal Legoland and the birth place of those colourful bricks.  The prior night before our flight we stayed in a hotel near the airport ready for our early start.  In true holiday style we had the obligatory Maccy D’s and glass of wine in bathroom glasses, pure class.  Big piggle thought this was magic (obviously excluding the wine) and I questionned our parenting skills.But it was fun and we all actually had a pretty good sleep ready for the day ahead.  Having moved little piggle into his own room I was surprised how loudly he slept!  And we had the most number of beds possible, a double and two singles plus a travel cot.  I was told I could sleep in the big bed and daddy could ‘sleep over there.  Its ok because you can still see mummy’ made me laugh!

Alarm beeping at 5am we set off for the airport, remarkably this was all pretty uneventful and the flight pretty calm so we arrived in  Billund after an easy trip but with one very excited three year old!

We got the the airport and a man imparted the joyful news that it had been raining for four days and it was still raining.  We grabbed our bags and headed for the car hire slightly apprenhensive about a theme park day in the rain but this was what the big piggle had been waiting for so we had to go for it.  In all the excitement I actually forgot that I had to collect the buggy, little piggle was in the sling and we had so many other bags it just slipped my mind until we were queing for our car keys. I was escorted back through customs and buggy retrieved we were on our way, the efficiency of the staff and the five minutes it took me to get back was impressive I am sure my buggy would have been dust if it had been a London airport.

So it rained, rained and rained.  No one at Legoland seemed bothered (except my husband who wisely bought  coat on holiday that wasnt waterproof) and many had ponchos on and interestingly many also seemed to have chosen not to wear a coat.  We purchased the rain ponchos in an attempt to stay dry.  Ironically the rain stopped at about one ish but we had managed a rather damp tour of mini land by then, a ride and a baby feed so they were very useful.  Mini land captured big piggles imagination like nothing else and he was so excited to see the lego boats, planes and fire engines moving.  We tried to convince him to move onto some rides but he took his time.  Ninjago Land called and his dreams came true I think, a whole area dedicated to his new ninja passion.  He queued for the ride with daddy and I took a break outside, the poncho coming in handy so I could sit down on a rather wet seat.  I loved Lego, Daddy piggle loved Lego and it makes me smile to see my little one creating masterpieces with Duplo and now moving onto amazing imagination games with Lego.  Yes I question some of the characters and the swords and other equipment that come with them but its captured his imagination and I believe its harmless fun.


We ate hot dogs and carried on, there are a good number of rides for little ones and some are replicated in the UK park.  There is however something about the orginal Legoland, its bigger and seems more authentic.  I have fond childhood memories of walking around the park (in the rain mainly) and to share this with my children is great.  We got drenched (by choice) on some pirate boat adventure where my cannon was not working and to be frank therefore I was at a very wet disadvantage. We watched a show involving princesses and princes and more water (a theme), the boys loved the spinning pirate boats and of course big piggle enjoyed his first Danish ice cream of the holiday (if you have ever had one I cannot describe the ultimate sweetness of Danish ice cream).


We finished exhausted and happy with a new Ninjago set in hand, and a remarkably tantrumless visit to the shop.  We set off for Lonstrup knowing dinner would be ready to greet us and Mummy and Daddy could start the holiday.

More adventures to follow…..x

My Petit Canard


My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows



5 thoughts on “Family Fun in North Jutland – Part 1

  1. Hannah (tuesdayschildblog) says:

    What a lovely trip you had! Love the ponchos 🙂 I’m taking my baby on a plane for the first time in September – her passport just came through which got me very excited! I’ll remember a change of clothes in my hand luggage 🙂 #MarvMondays


  2. My Petit Canard says:

    Such a lovely place to visit for a family holiday. I’ve never been to Denmark, but have heard wonderful things from my sister who visited earlier this year. With lego fans in our house I can see that being a great place for us to visit too. Will have to add it to the bucket list! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


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