This ones for Nice


Another horrific day…another terrible attack on innocent lives and for what. Days like today make me wonder if we should be bringing new life into a world that is so messed up, what hideous troubles are we passing onto our children and why can’t we stop it? Why is terrorism still so rife so many years after 9/11 and after so many atrocities all over the world? Why on earth is there so much hatred, why can’t we all live side by side?

I would like to think that during my lifetime the world has become more progressive, more equal. But days like today highlight that there are still some who want to quash everything we have achieved and everything we stand for. This is not an act that any ‘God’ would support, killing innocent men, women and children who were doing nothing more than celebrating their own nation is downright shameful. There are no points to prove, no message has been shared other than the rest of the world stand together against hatred and evil.

Acceptance is a funny thing, the recent referendum unfortunately highlighted in this country we are still a way off accepting one another. But these radical views of non acceptance are simply abominable. How do we explain to our children the reasons behind these attacks, how can we begin to conceptualise even as adults how you can hate something this much and even contemplate carrying out an attack like that.

It’s too close to home and we need to stop, we should not be scared to celebrate our nation, we should not be scared to go to music concerts, to get on the underground, we should not be scared to go on a plane or even to go to work.

The world is a pretty shitty place right now and it seems no one has any idea how to make it stop. Perhaps the generations following us will be more successful….

So today here is to Nice, here is to France 🇫🇷❤️


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