Brexit Britain and my thoughts

These are simply my thoughts today so I can one day tell my boys the story when we know how it ends….

Today I feel sad. It’s a massive day for my children, a signal towards the future. I’m not scared of change, but I am fearful of arrogance and I am concerned about our outlook going forward. I’m not scared of a nation being great and good, but I don’t feel proud of a ‘Great Britain’ today. I am proud of the fact that we were part of a team, and we were a strong player in that team.

I personally felt in safe hands being led by David Cameron (I appreciate many didn’t, and I fully respect political difference) he however gave me a sense of stability and I respect his position. I am worried about what replaces this.

I am all for people having a say and taking a brave approach, but my overriding feeling of sadness, feeling morose and unsure about the result, has made me realise how much I really cared. I am not ashamed I had a lump in my throat as we watched David Cameron’s career as PM end, above anything his words about loving this country and being honoured to serve it I think were completely true and admirable. I think it’s honourable to admit that you can’t deliver something you don’t believe in. We need someone who is strong and believes in what we can be to lead us through.

I am saddened to still see people continue to angrily promote an anti immigration view on the news suggesting ‘they’ get everything ‘I’ get nothing. I’m sad that generations who are going to rule this country going forward didn’t get what they wanted. I’m sad that we are now listening to commentators citing huge uncertainly over the state of our economy.

I am however going to try to be hopeful and positive and believe that we can be ‘Great’ for the sake of my boys and the country we are bringing them up in. But it’s a huge reminder that we must teach our children the power of teamwork, treating everyone with respect, not isolating yourself from others but also to fight for what you believe in. If you have a vote use it.

I hope this time next year our future is looking bright.

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10 thoughts on “Brexit Britain and my thoughts

  1. After the Playground (@DrSharonParry1) says:

    Oh gosh I know just how you feel. I wasn’t always David Cameron’s biggest fan (I’m not a natural conservative) but I do worry about what is going to replace him. I also fully respect the political opinion of others and will go along with what the majority has voted for. I am worried, however, that some elements of society will see this as a signal that intolerance and racism is somehow now acceptable in Britain. I have raised my children to believe in Britain as a welcoming and inclusive society. I do not accept intolerance of others. I do not accept racism. I need my political leaders to back me up here! #MarvMondays

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    • twolittlepiggles says:

      Completely agree some of the intolerance and at points racism being reported on by the media is unacceptable. I hope we can get it together ASAP and productively moved forward. Thanks for reading and commenting x


  2. Double the Monkey Business says:

    I have been absolutely stunned and shocked by everything these last few days. I hope we can come together, that people can remember tolerance towards others (young and old, regardless of nationality) and be united as a country again. It all makes me feel very sad xxx #MarvMondays


  3. Kaye says:

    It’s a huge change and I don’t think anyone expected the result we received but as you said we can only look forward now and come together as a nation. Thanks for linking up #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


  4. Not Just Phoebe says:

    Im literally speechless and share similar views to you regarding the there future. It also means my working Spanish number, will not longer be valid with the changes in place…meaning i will struggle to continue my businesses in spain 😦 thanks for sharing #MarvMondays


  5. anywaytostayathome says:

    I felt sad too. I was surprised I felt that way actually. I don’t mind that the vote didn’t go my way. That’s life. But all the horrible, mean and in some cases down right racist things I’ve seen since just need to stop. I’m very ready to see something, anything positive to come out of all this. #CoolMumClub


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