Super Spa and a normal week


Last weekend marked a momentous occasion…a day child free…at a spa… with some lovely friends. A proper pamper day with some of my work girls, those peeps I have spent hours with day in day out and talked to everyday…and now I’m on maternity leave we had a lot to catch up on! There have been new boyfriends, holidays of a lifetime, dubious dates and karate belts within the last few months…oh and I have given birth. If ever a time for a chillax the time was this weekend!

So we spent half a day in an outside hot tub and the rest of the time in robes chatting and giggling or having treatments. Pure bliss and we must do it again. Even when im working I don’t do that much non parenting related stuff over the weekend so this was a real treat! We just need to arrange the next date and time.

That evening I then hosted family for a wine drinking, food eating celebration for my sisters birthday. The children kept us entertained performing songs, big piggle had learnt a lot from the guitar guy of last week and stamped his foot as he sang. After they were asleep we had a girls night before guests left and the daddys returned from their night out. Next morning I think we all felt a bit fragile but we powered through with a cooked breakfast and a walk in the fresh air! Hyper children and tiredness is a painful combo! We did manage to spend a lovely afternoon at the national trust, yep making good use of the membership, with big piggle playing, eating an ice lolly and rolling down a hill…it’s the small things.

And then this week happened and has been pretty normal. Nursery resumed service, one small boy despatched to his friends and successfully managing the week with no toilet related accidents. He has a scab on his nose and has apparently been set up by some twin girls,’she pushed me mummy but her sister said I pushed her’, but apart from that came away unscathed and happy.

On our first ‘mummy day’ of the week we visited the splash park in this searing heat. He loved it and was getting soaked, the boy who screams when water is put on his head in the bath. Running in an out of huge fountains of water he seemed pretty carefree….get water on his face in the bath and he screams for the towel! He ran around for the best part of an hour exhausting himself out. An afternoon back at grandmas, with a short interlude and then the arrival of a cousin, provided more opportunity to be completely knackered out and he had great fun. Daddy was home early and took them to the park so in big piggles eyes his day was complete.

Today we had celebrations for my sisters birthday which mainly involved lunch and a chill in the sun. Little piggle had his first dip in the paddling pool. His poker face a true reflection of his mother but I know he enjoyed it really!

As we go into the weekend I can see that the normal weeks are sometimes the best. When normal service resumes, but the sun shines, and everyone feels happy. When you have no plans and the week fills itself up with fun and laughs, plus some of the boring bits….seriously no idea how I have so much washing!! Don’t get me wrong me and big piggle have been best friends and not best friends many a time. I have shouted, he has shouted, he stropped, I stropped but ultimately like he says each night “thank you for a lovely day” – a wise old soul.

Hoping next week is just as happy xx ps plus its holiday time soon wahoo!!



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