Wild woods and a bank holiday


It’s taken me all week to get round to this (can you tell it’s half term!). Therefore this post is bought to you courtesy of one grandad and nunu who are probably already quite tired from the whirlwind big piggle! He’s apparently going for the ‘best sleepover ever’!

After our little day trip last week big piggle went back to nursery and so I had a lovely couple of days with the little piggle. Day one was breakfast club so we had the chance for some snuggles and he got his morning sleep in bed (usually we are manically trying to get breakfast sorted and various other things!). After our morning lounge we hit Pilates, well Henry bounced in his baby bjorn but I put in a good effort, and then we went to visit a friend for a ‘walk’.

We decided to treat ourselves to lunch before going for a stroll. So off we went to a fab pub/restaurant in the village that does amazing food. This my friends is what maternity leave is about!! They didn’t want a buggy in there which was fine so little piggle was in his car seat and was very well behaved just watching everyone – an unceccesary comment from a waitress when he made one small noise but apart from that we had a lovely chilled lunch. Now had I known what was coming next I would have savoured my meal and glass of red a little more!

So we decided the whole reason for meeting was so we could go on a nice long walk and support my quest for a pre baby body (never going to happen). We walked back up the hill, into the village and out the other side into the countryside surrounded by woodland. Now I believed, for almost the entire walk, that my very calm friend knew where on earth we were. However enter mud pits with a buggy and I realised she actually didn’t. We were two lost women, a baby, a buggy and no way of finding our way back other than a dubious sense of direction. But we did it. Across slidey mud, up bumpy tracks, baby carried, baby in buggy, mummy with cardigan on, mummy with cardigan off (so unfit) and we pretty much managed after two hours to end up where we started.

How on earth we didn’t shout at each other or indeed cry, at one point I honestly did think I was the worlds most irresponsible mother and we would be stuck here until someone found us, and how we got so bloody lost I don’t know but this taught me a couple of things…firstly great friends are hard to come by, those who will carry your very heavy baby up a hill or push your buggy through mud pits are for keeps. Those who don’t scream at you when you make dubious directional suggestions are also worth their weight in gold! Suggesting taking pictures not so great but I will forgive that one! Also maternity leave has chilled me out somewhat, we had to laugh! Little piggle smiled nearly the entire walk he was clearly loving it even with the crazy grown ups. Got to love that boy.

Thursday was recovery day and for the first time in many weeks little piggle and I chilled at home quite a bit. Lots of cuddles and cooing, caught up on some trash TV and whilst I did a bit of tidying generally had an uneventful day. I did do my workout DVD after nursery pick up which big piggle thought was hilarious, he tried to join in and did a pretty good star jump but quickly lost interest. Friday me and both piggles visited family and friends in the glorious sunshine and got ourselves in the bank holiday spirit!

Woodland walks were a bit of a theme this week as over the bank holiday we visited a new national trust site on our list, so cool I know you must all be jealous. The walk itself was a little challenging but this time I sensibly put little piggle in the sling and he slept soundly or checked out the trees. Cows featured, and one panicked mother walking through a field with many of them blocking the pathway. Obviously this wouldn’t happen at a national trust venue if it wasn’t safe but still I was not best impressed, I’m terrified of dogs imagine when faced with a cow! Big piggle however did us proud and did the long walk with, to be honest in the world of threenager, not too much fuss. We bribed him with haribo which whilst not perfect parenting is a solution to his slow walking!

Bank holiday as a whole involved lots of family time; accidental poos in pants, shouting, more shouting, threats, bribery and pizza express so pretty standard. The garden is ready for summer, just in time for the rain, and we are counting down days until our next holiday – so we can do some more of that family time stuff.

Half term arrived and we had a little visitor in the form of piggles cousin. Epic day of bear hunts, cup cake baking, pizza making plus I admit some TV watching and babysitting laziness. Had a fab day and was proud of myself with the three of them. Six months ago heavily pregnant I was struggling to get through the week to a Friday and then managing to look after my own toddler for the day keeping him busy. Now little piggle is here, and I have taken some time out, its all working again and it makes me smile. It also makes me need a glass of wine post piggle bedtime but I believe this is something shared by mothers across the land. I must try and focus on this positivity in the tough moments, sometimes it’s all to easy to get wrapped up in feeling tired or annoyed and I know I probably miss some of the good bits.

Favourite quote of this week has to be “morning mummy, I’ve got crazy hair”, I tell big piggle this most mornings and to wake up to a small person in my face saying this today did make me giggle. This evening has been quiet without him so I best enjoy the relaxation whilst I can (the little one is fast asleep dreaming of milk!) night all xx


2 thoughts on “Wild woods and a bank holiday

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Our bank holidays always involve Pizza Express too! It’s the only place my kids eat all their meal. It sounds like you had a lovely half term too. Love the crazy hair quote- so cute! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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