‘Great’ Grandparents and some funny names

image.jpgIn honour of half term…whether you work or not grandparents are lifesavers! My big piggle is very excited about his sleepover this week!

It seems today everyone has a confusing name for their grandparents, my children included. Mind you my brother did once ask his friend if “he had a Dennis”, our grandfather figure through childhood, so maybe it’s not such a modern phenomenon! It must be so confusing for their little minds and nursery schools across the land. Would love to hear others and the reasons behind it, but for now our line up is as follows;

Grandma – she is the great grandma aka my grandma (and everyone in Waitrose is aware of this, the children are her great grandsons – I would consider it flattering they think she is their grandma). Kept the name as young and older refer to her in this way. And though she is ‘great’ in many ways she is not really ‘great’ in age…she reminded G the other day that the queen really is much older than her

Mor Mor – nod to the heritage, she is G and H’s grandma on the mothers side and Mor Mor is the Danish name for this – sensible language having clear distinction between maternal and paternal grandparents wonder if they also have random other names?  Grandma was also already taken (see above 😉) so we needed to find something new to us!

Nunu – grandma on the paternal side…no idea where the name came from but the older cousins use it so it stuck, slightly concerned to discover that this appears to be the name of the Hoover on teletubbies…according to Wikipedia (always correct) she is their housekeeper and guardian…❤️

Grandad and great grandad – the male contingent in our family go by the traditional names and I’m sure overall are the favourites. Good old baby whisperer and the man who bears a passing resemblance to Father Christmas 😉 G is a super fan of both! Both G and H have their great grandads names within their name, with H lucking out sharing names with both daddy and grandad as well!

There are also two very special people neither my children or I ever got to meet. But they too hold a place in our hearts ❤️


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