Super swimming and an ouchy arm

This week marks the first time I took both boys out alone on a day trip (of sorts, it was actually 5 hours out of the house but with them that’s officially a day). So we decided to visit a local park/wildlife centre as the forecast was good. I was super prepared and packed rucksacks with all sorts of things that we did actually use! I prepared a picnic which was apparently “really yummy mummy” once eaten so points scored!

We drove in the sunshine for about twenty mins heading for our fun destination, when we arrived both boys are fast asleep so clearly mega excited! The big piggle had a random sleep regression and was up before six so was probably just taking a ‘snooze’ as he now likes to call it. Little piggle takes his naps when he can because apart from the bottle timing and bedtime routine everything else for him is pretty much just see what happens! He has found his thumb so this keeps him happy when I’m busily attempting to keep control of his brother, and to be honest like most second children he just fits in and doesn’t complain. G even mentioned today “that’s not our baby because it’s crying”….let’s hope that doesn’t change!

Anyway main attractions, not really interested in the animals, a paddling pool, playground and a train. He ran in and shouted “I came here when I was little with my nappies on, I’m big now I wear pants”, yep multiple spare pairs and a potty were piled on the buggy plus the aforementioned rucksacks.

The park was stop one. He attempted daredevil moves on the equipment but also managed other parts with ease, I realised amongst all this baby growing I haven’t really taken him to the park much for a while as that was a daddy thing with lifting etc. All of a sudden he’s so big and strong and doesn’t need me (apart from the occasional ride in a pirate boat).

Paddling pool up next. He confirmed he didn’t think it was too cold and proceeded to fling his shoes off. I can tell you the water was blinking cold and annoyingly a shoe was flung in it….(poor aim). Luckily in my packing I had bought a pair of crocs so my over zealous preparation did indeed come up trumps. Also in my bag was a towel and swim shorts so he stripped off got his swimmers on and threw himself in. I forgot the sun tshirt (no one is perfect) and he wouldn’t wear his hat so no parent points for skin protection however he said with glee “I’m bigger like daddy now, just in my shorts without my nappy and with my tummy out”. This seemed to fill him with so much joy and off he went chasing monsters and splashing about.

Next up, after him coming out and then a wrestle to get the wet shorts back on because he hadn’t quite finished, we went off in search of a picnic spot. We walked past animals at breakneck speed. To be honest this may have been a blessing as the zebus (what??) were “having a cuddle” as G suggested (nuzzling necks) but then he runs past after making a further assessment and shouts “and he’s got his willy out” nice. Willy’s were a theme as I think we stopped five times to use the potty, except the poo which was in the pants whilst hiding on the pirate boat. But hey you can’t win them all!

Picnic was lovely, I honestly was surprised by the behaviour the one on one time (plus a baby in a buggy) seemed to do him good. He was happy, he thanked me for lunch, he made sure both H and I were alright and he asked so politely if we could go on the train. I’m not sure if I retrieved the correct child out of the pool, the poo incident aside, as he really was quite charming!

We went on the train and had endless
questions about where the driver lived, why he had blue sound protectors on his ears, why we weren’t the only passengers but actually some of these questions show so much thought and are quite complex I can’t help but be impressed albeit exhausted coming up with answers. He seemed satisfied with my responses and open to sharing the journey with others. He pointed out all the things we had walked past so he must have been paying attention!

Post train we walked around a bit checking out a few animals. There were a few moments of being hounded by peacocks, I suppose cock is just another word for willy after all so the theme continued, and then we were back at the playground. He negotiated an ice cream out of me very well and then started asking for another go in the pool. The clouds had set in and it was chilly but he was determined and who am I to stand in his way.

Well it seems the pool gods had other ideas. He went flying bless him on the side of the pool and whilst initially distressed about the leg, the arm and the blood soon became the focal point. A very rude lady on reception, why bother doing a job you hate that much, pointed us to the toilet block and a first aid room. Luckily there were some plasters and some cleaning wipes and he was all sorted. I have to say in the three years of his life he hasn’t ever really needed a plaster (incredible as he is super clumsy and very unobservant) and I didn’t really know what to do. The tears were very real but I think it was the fright of seeing the blood rather than anything else, he seemed surprised he could still move his arm! Sadly it was the end of the adventure and we headed for home.

The crying, the moaning, the fact his arm was going to fall off because of the ouchy I bet surpasses any other memories he will have of this day. I had a great time though, and I know he did too!






2 thoughts on “Super swimming and an ouchy arm

  1. mummuddlingthrough says:

    Wow that pool is amazing! You can’t beat an outdoor pool when the weathers nice. The two rarely seem to happen concurrently in my world!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub!


    PS I couldn’t find you on twitter to link to the share – whats your twitter handle? Might be worth sticking it on your blog sidebar so we can all find you and connect xx


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