Basic blogging and feeling proud


So this week I achieved over 150 visitors to my blog during May, attempted a linky (failed with the first but believe I managed the second!), and had my first non family member subscriber! For those who are new to blogging, like me, a linky is a way to share your posts with like minded bloggers, read some of their stories and basically ‘link up’. Now my posts are my ramblings and my stories and possibly not of interest to others, but from all the blog related reading I have been doing I have realised what really is the point if no one is going to read it! If everyone else thinks it’s pants my children probably will as well. As this is for them, to capture their memories, I would like them to enjoy reading it one day… I shall keep up the research and keep holding myself to making sure I share our tales and my thoughts.

I have therefore swapped my work related social media nagging for a slight personal obsession with all things social media/blog. The internet is awash with advice and loads of information but I think the best bit is reading other people’s blogs and seeing that there are lots of people sharing similar experiences all around the world. I love the freedom that some people write with, the humour of others and some are really quite intellectual in their approach to capturing life. I love that its sole purpose is to let people be themselves and express whatever they wish.

I am absorbing the variety of images on Instagram and it’s testing me to get shots of my life that may or may not be interesting! I do think there is a small risk of becoming self obsessed but I hope those who know me will agree that that isn’t really my style, so let’s hope this doesn’t send me that way!

What started as a little diary for my piggles has opened my eyes to a whole new world! I never considered myself a technophobe but this is all quite a learning curve…a good development opportunity as every good boss would say 😉

So whilst I’m busy blogging and getting down with the social media kids what are the piggles up to? Big piggle is going through a testing toddler phase, full of energy and getting very cheeky. Chatting back to your parents is not cool. He is obsessed with Lego and has received some new sets for his toilet training efforts. Its going great guns, with the exception of a few accidents at nursery and a one off poo in his pants which demonstrated that I really am weak. I changed his nappy for three years and yet this made me gag and behave like a pitiful excuse of a mother. It really was disgusting! He is loving making up games with different Lego characters and loving leaving deadly bricks for his mother to stand on. I also went to rugby with him this week for the first time in over three months as the last time was pre H. There are no prizes for guessing that a hall with around a dozen 2.5-3 year olds is going to create carnage and I was quite tired just watching them not listen and run around, but it was great fun. Kicking remains awesome, catching could do with work, listening definitely requires development.

Little piggle continues to grow. 14 weeks this week. He has found his voice when we are all together he’s shouting and gurgling for attention. He will propel himself out of the bouncy chair I’m sure with the pace and force  he kicks his legs and he remains absolutely obsessed with his big brother. Every move big piggle makes he is watching and enjoying. He hasn’t had the same sleep regression as his brother at 13 weeks (yet) but he is teething and is growing at a rate of knots! No longer is he my newborn….but that’s another post!

Enjoy your week peeps x


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