Toilet tales and eating clean


Today, day three, we had no accidents!! Potty training big piggle is underway and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s been on my mind now for about the past nine months when we first gave it a try and had a number of puddles on a cream carpet. Fast forward and wooden floor is now in place and he woke up one morning and asked me if he could wear pants. Being a nursery day I said not today but tomorrow and we made a deal to wear pants on mummy day (we have nursery days, mummy days and weekends!).

So Friday morning pants went on, I think we got through about seven pairs during the day with various dribbles and accidents but he persisted. We visited grandmas house and used the toilet there and had a trip to the park. Granted at one point I was under a tree in the park with two pantless toddlers (the potty trained cousin decided she might need to go) but he managed to stay out for about half an hour with no accidents!

Saturday was the main event second day, reward chart in place and the promise of Lego if he could produce a poo. Normally a three times a day kind of guy (wtf?!) he had not been for the whole of Friday so it was imminent. After a relatively successful morning at home we decided to do a long walk by the river in the afternoon to blow away the cobwebs and spend some family time together.

Potty came too under the buggy and on this three hour outing we had only one accident and managed to survive with the extra pants and shorts I had bought. After the ice cream it happened, on the banks of the river in a slightly sanded area the poo arrived! No accident, a slight gag (how big is toddler poo when put in what essentially is a bowl!) and success! Lego was bought, a second poo happened and we entered day three jubilant! Even had a glass or two too many of a rather nice Tempranillo (me not the toddler) to celebrate, this is how much I had waited for this day!

It must be one of the things I have googled the most during mummyhood but three days in the moral of my story for me is they really are ready when they are ready. Some might be two or younger and some might be three or older. Some might not be able to do it because of the stress of a new sibling and for others being the eldest and in big boy/girl pants can be a motivator. It’s a complex milestone and I think defiant piggle used his intelligence to stay in control. He called the shots, which was frustrating, but in the end he has done it. Nursery tomorrow so fingers crossed I haven’t jinxed it.

In other news I have been eating ‘clean’ or at least my own version of this. Thinking about what I consume and upping my fruit and veg intake. This week I have lost weight, no idea how much due to some very dodgy scales, but definitely some! I have felt more energetic and I am hoping my insides are looking better for cutting out lots of processed foods and bread (which I didn’t realise I hadn’t had until today). I have been testing loads of new recipes and really enjoying the challenge. Now it’s all in writing on the big bad internet it means I have to succeed so wish me luck. My fitness DVD arrived so must do some circuits this week and get blasting this baby belly.

I have been trialling healthier foods with the big piggle too and he has loved joining in making his dinner. Even though it’s not been perfect he has definitely eaten more veg and less rubbish.

So signing off prosecco in hand (wine is clean right?!…Or you have to have some luxuries!) a happy, proud mummy. Bring on the next week, little piggle has jabs tomorrow bless him let’s hope he doesn’t suffer them too much 💙


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