Ten things and a blog post

10 things I found out about motherhood second time round

For those who know me, and those who don’t, I am a pretty private person I am well known for not being into hugs and being a bit standoffish…so I have taken time to write this. Maybe second time has softened me up a little bit more again…

You fall in love again…and again with the big one!

I honestly couldn’t comprehend how you find enough love for more than one child. Obviously I knew people did but when you have your firstborn it’s such a game changer I literally couldn’t imagine what impact a second would have. The moment my second was born I felt the rush, the instinct, the love. I guess I knew how to love him and how to be his mum. With my firstborn love grew, he taught me how to be a mummy and he taught me through this how to love his brother from the second he arrived.

I have loved the extra time I am getting with the big piggle, his character and his attitude make me laugh, he is witty and intelligent. He has grown into a cheeky toddler, whilst sometimes troublesome, too cheeky and a little bit boundary pushing.  We have reconnected and I’m loving it.

You wonder how you ever managed to fit in work with all the cleaning, cooking and keeping little humans alive

I literally have no idea how we survived and didn’t live in a pit of dirt and grime. I feel I have spent most of my maternity leave either nesting or cleaning. I have a revived interest in food, and by this I mean something other than a ready meal or pasta, and in the last week or so I have realised I have time to ensure my toddler has a really healthy diet so am testing him out on new things. Day two and two empty plates wahoo! I know it will all fit together again when I got back to work and with some outside help the house won’t be a pit but still….how much washing?! Thank goodness for maternity leave and some time to be a mummy.

Sibling love is real, natural and pretty epic

Big brother adored little brother from the moment he met him. Whilst there have been some slight incidents, including a partial bodyslam, nothing has been out of malice or thankfully too serious and if anything he is just too strong with his love – the poking of noses, feet and hands! Little piggle lights up when his brother is in the room and he can always stop him whinging. I am so excited to see their bond form and for them to grow up together.

You want to keep them as a baby, first time you want them to grow up!

I was always willing G to do the next thing in the book; roll, sit, crawl, walk. H is my baby and a little bit of me is sad to pack away the baby clothes each time he grows out of a size, and to put him in something other than a babygrow. Maybe last time there was excitement that we hoped to use it all again. Inevitable I suppose as he is the baby of the family.
You adore the similarities and revel in the differences

There are so many things the same: love of sleep, love of food, fairly chilled. But G was a bit grumpy with his chilling whilst H smiles away. G was chunky, H is long and lean, but is actually heavier! I cannot wait to find out more about them as they grow and understand the amazing things that make them part of each other but also indivdiuals.

You can’t remember life before piggles

Seriously no idea what I did all day! I vaguely remember having lie ins!

Your tummy will genuinely now never be the same again, but that’s ok it grew a few humans

It has marks on it, it sags in weird places, it shows even under baggy tops but it’s ok because it did a job. One day it might be the way it was, or perhaps it might be flatter! Who knows. For now I must try and remember that this tummy was amazing and created some pretty special people. Doesn’t help you from feeling shite sometimes but hey!

You probably neglect your partner

Because with two let’s face it you work as a tag team each focused on one and then the day is over and you want to check your phones and watch crap TV….in silence, because it’s the only silence you have had! Date nights we must do more and focus on the original two as well as the wider bunch.

You hope that you will one day wear clothes without an elasticised waist

I seriously don’t know what people did without leggings or jeggings. For now shopping is focussed on gorgeous little outfits for the piggles.

You are pretty impressed at what you have achieved

When I look at everything I have, whilst it might sound a bit smug, I am so proud. I beat myself up about not being around enough, working too hard, not being a natural at this motherhood lark, getting angry just because I’m tired, getting angry because children are sometimes just irritating….but I can honestly say those boys make me super proud. If I achieve nothing else I look in wonder as I realise I made them. They have so much ahead….it’s so exciting!


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11 thoughts on “Ten things and a blog post

  1. thebusymumnet says:

    Ah this is lovely. I have a four-year-old and me & the hubby have chatted lots about the pros and cons of having another. I love the idea of falling in love with another baby again & seeing the sibling bond. Youre so right about how you want them to grow first time round too… But I defiantly wish he was still a baby now!!x


  2. wendy says:

    Aww I love this, very heart warming. I’m expecting baby number 2 and I can’t wait to see my boy become a big brother. I’m worried I am going to be tired all the time so thanks for highlighting all these lovely things I have to look forward to. Your boys are little cuties xx #TheList


  3. emilyandindiana says:

    I totally agree, I literally have NO idea what I used to do before my two came along haha! The sibling bond is so amazing isn’t it – although we’re at the stage where the fighting has begun.. luckily my youngest still loves his big sister though haha xx


  4. josandelson says:

    So lovely to hear of bond between your guys, they’re lovely – believe you me it doesn’t always happen and I can testify first hand as a battered sibbling!! Oh elasticated waists what did we do without them? 🙂 Jo #thelist

    Liked by 1 person

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