Random Rants of the Big Piggle

This week it’s time for a big piggle post because he has come up with some crackers recently.

The come down of holiday was a little much for G but after a day back at nursery he seems chilled, they exhausted him and he caught up with some of his pals! He told me he had a very busy day. There is a nursery theme….

Good news is tomorrow he has requested we go to soft play!

So here goes….

“I don’t want to talk about nursery because I have had such a busy day….I just don’t want to talk mummy”

G – What’s that smell in here?
Me – what smell?
G – *shakes head* its Henry…its chicken

“Girls are smelly” that is all….

What are pigs for? (What does he even mean?!)

How was nursery today G? “All sorted”

Daddy – G we need to have a talk about today don’t we…
G – I had a little chat with mummy

G – I know we can have the biscuit for certs…
Me – for certs what’s that?
G – *very matter of fact* Well it’s like pudding mummy
Me – Oh yes dessert!

To the boy at Center Parcs who had chosen a pink and purple toy….parents and grandparents are checking he definitely wants it, G walks up to him “That’s a girls toy”….

“I’m going to marry Henry”

To anything at all….”maybe it’s a Spider-Man one…”



2 thoughts on “Random Rants of the Big Piggle

  1. Emily Allen says:

    I love this picture of G! Great blog – I love reading it. Nice distraction from stinky old work!! Keep ’em coming! xx


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