Happy Holidays and Center Parcs

Quick post as we are on our holidays, lucked out this year as we have quite a few weeks away! Holidays are our favourite thing albeit a bit different since the piggles came along but still great fun. Not so much lazy long sunny days as fast and furious wear the kids out adventures!

We arrived at Longleat Centre Parcs in the rain but ready for action. We shouldn’t have worried about the rain as the sun has thankfully been shining for most of the holiday so far ☀️

So center parcs is a mecca for families. Worn out toddlers not sure which way to turn, to the adventure playground or the soft play. Frazzled parents in search of alcohol and a massive pool that can’t be clean but is great fun! Amongst the “listen G”, “would you stop moaning” and “come here nows” there is something brilliant about being in shared company. All the parents are frazzled and knackered attempting to wear out small children so by 7pm we can chill and enjoy some peace! No judgement just knowing looks. Parents and grandparents alike. Big piggle loves it and amongst the strops has been smiling away!

So what have we been up to…our days follow a standard pattern. Up and breakfast in a slow fashion, hit the pool (been lovely as one parent gets 121 time with big piggle), home for lunch and playing then a big walk to the beach/playing area for adventure playgrounds, soft play, a drink or two for grown ups (just heard a man say to his son “that’s enough daddy needs to drink some beer”) and of course the batman car at the arcade….why don’t children tire of sitting on a static machine?!

Today was my turn at swimming. My cheeky threenager who won’t have his hair washed and hates water in his eyes thrashes around like a looney in the pool. I screamed down the flume which was surprisingly fast. Not sure he was impressed as we only did it once and apparently I didn’t lift him high enough at the end and laughed too much. We had fun in the waves though he said he didn’t like them, and did crazy games which are sure to leave me in agony tomorrow morning when I wake up!

Lego was purchased with pocket money and kept the boys busy over lunch, not sure who liked it more to be honest as D was pretty engrossed.

Walk down to the soft play in the sunshine and the mentalist on the scooter. Sun shining, wine and ice creams purchased and playground on the way back up.

This eve I shall be celebrating my team at work being shortlisted for an award for all our hard work over the last year. Champers is chilling, winners or not its worth a celebration (plus little piggle was there for most of the ride!).

This blog was written courtesy of one very busy daddy who has been very patient with the arcade game sitting! 💙


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