Super Spider-Man and Princess Elsa


This Friday we spent a lazy day with my sister and her daughter M. All week G had been planning his breakfast with the auntie, eggies and beans and sauce and toast is a favourite although he might substitutes the beans for some spaghetti hoops.

We arrived after a short but relatively stressful visit to Tesco. Mummy needed a buttery French fix and caffeine and only a tesco finest croissant and costa coffee would do. I was conned into buying kinder eggs and raspberries for an easy life and we purchased the twenty something uncle a batman birthday card with black and white inside so you can colour batman in…clearly he will love this, well G thinks he will anyway! Unfortunately the entire town had descended on the coffee shop in store so I departed down heartened with no coffee…but with croissants so I suppose I can’t complain too much.

Big piggle knew there was a gift at aunties house so obviously this was his only interest as he barged in. What a gift, a Spider-Man costume to go with the current superheroes addiction. Two very cool three year olds ran round the living room, Spider-Man and Elsa. They did in fact manage to make up some crazy imaginary game including these two characters which is pretty impressive.

The children scoffed eggie and beans minus the toast because, let’s face it, they will be having lunch soon because it’s so late after the faff of Tesco. Mothers drank instant coffee and ate croissants, little piggle guzzled a gallon of milk. He then proceeded to poo and wee on his auntie much to her delight! Silence upstairs was not a good sign. G and M had decided that a bit of makeup was needed…both of them with bright red lips and some lovely kisses on the mirror for luck! I am sure this was orchestrated by the niece but the fact that they left the MAC lipstick untouched and chose a cheap boots variety did make me wonder.

Food and make up done we needed to escape, the coffee wasn’t strong enough and the noise of the superhero and the princess topped off with the joker style makeup was frankly all too much. So off we scooted to the park.

Rolling down hills, making the climbing frame into a pirate ship “shiver me timbers mummy” great fun was had. A severe lack of listening did lead to some serious mummy screeching, one day I will learn he’s choosing not to listen being louder just means he’s resisting it more. Like some sort of weird endurance challenge.

Children worn out, well probably adults more if I’m honest, we headed back for more food because it keeps them both busy and quiet and therefore is a bonus.

The troublesome threenagers then played upstairs. After taking everything out of the toy boxes the game of choice was mummy’s and daddy’s. Brilliant inspired quotes such as “night night darlin”, “love you sweetheart” plus a slightly random statement of “You have been very naughty, you can stay in the car”, not sure who has said that one but hey! Strangely enough they didn’t do the screeching impression “would you just listen” which is surprising given the frequency of use.

After an auntie and nephew argument about the name of the character on cars…”cars mqueen” he excitedly shouts…”no it’s lightening mqueen” (repeat twenty times) totally dampening the enthusiasm, we departed for home. Both piggles slept from the moment we turned out of the drive…mummy spent at least five minutes in silence on our own drive once we arrived home.


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