Postnatal Pilates and a workout DVD

I have recently rejoined a postnatal Pilates class in the village in some vain hope of strengthening my back ready for my 91st percentile chunk, for a bit of routine and finally for the exercise. The “I had a baby <insert number of weeks> ago therefore I must give myself a chance” line is wearing pretty thin now!

I must admit I feel completely pants at it. I am clearly most uncoordinated and get very confused at the instructions which the instructor reels off like some really simple recipe but just leaves me with all the ingredients in completely the wrong order. I am always the last to finish the exercise so I must be getting it wrong somewhere! This week she added the resistance bands which to be honest just bought a whole additional level of complication.

I feel ridiculous in my very amateur ‘gym’ clothes aka some acceptable leggings and a tshirt that covers my wobbly bottom as I’m not sure I’m wholly committed to this exercise malarkey and therefore do I want to purchase some expensive Lycra?!

And to top it off any mention of a core or pelvic floor completely throws me as I’m sure these departed my body just over 10 weeks ago when the not so little 10lb piggle entered the world. But I will persist….and I will find that Jillian Michaels workout DVD I have been going on about…right after I finish this glass of wine and piece of chocolate..



3 thoughts on “Postnatal Pilates and a workout DVD

  1. Abigail Gill says:

    Ha ha. Love this. Pilates is great Laura. You will find your core and pelvic floor again honest! Stick with it and drink wine and eat chocolate afterwards xx


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