Mummy musings and the little piggle

image9 weeks in and what do we know about H….

He is chilled…he can withstand the weight of his brother and he can deal with excessive noise. He loves relaxing be it in the baby chair, on the playmat, on a random blanket or in the sling (aka ‘the string’according to G). Generally he enjoys just watching and smiling. He is also a lover of a good sleep (let’s hope I don’t jinx it!)…definitely my genes.

He does a lot of poos…my children have been blessed with the ability to do a poo at least three times a day (G’s record was once 7…yes it was so bad I counted and this was not because he was ill) such a joy. This is something they do not get from me and the reason I am thankful for the disposable nappy.

He loves food…he is a fully fledged member of our family with his milk guzzling ways. Let’s see what weaning brings – I’m not even going to attempt baby led, G just wanted the food in his mouth and in his mouth now how dare I even contemplate he would do it himself.

Let’s see if all of this rings true in a year or so as we find out all about the little piggle


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