Mummy musings and the big piggle

imageIn quarantine for a week has bought some interesting challenges, but has also been a brilliant opportunity to spend lots of time with my big piggle! Biased I may be but he’s a brilliant little character and thankfully because he is not feeling 100% he actually sat down for five minutes!

Things about G….

Even in the face of illness he carries on, like a little trooper he didn’t moan or cry about the spots….However he does have some wimpish tendencies… A small scratch on his knee, also know as an ouchy, created about 30 minutes of crying and shouting that it hurts plus another session of screaming at bath time because he couldn’t put the ouchy in the water. Literally a slight graze….

He loves people, he loves watching My Family and My First on CBeebies which is essentially reality TV for toddlers with trips to dinosaur parks, birthday parties and general playing about. He asked about nursery and hoped cousin Mia was having a ‘lovely time today’. He also asked about visitors and I quote “I’m not impressed mummy, I’m not impressed at all” was muttered when Mor Mor wasn’t coming until after work. He showed the nice lady who collected his old car seat his spotty tummy very proudly and told her he was a bit big for the seat now and spent quite a bit of time on the play phone to various people ‘hi, yeah it’s G’

He loves his family….sometimes. Lots of chatting to H, thank goodness following the body slam of the previous week. Visits to grandma who was brave enough to see us whilst everyone else was viewed through videos from my phone or “the ones with the button”.

He loves superheroes…but he doesn’t really understand them as evidenced by reference to Batman and John (aka Robin) and suggesting that the Lego superheroes film was a bit long.

He does still need a nap really…but now we just have to go out in the car at the appropriate time because he’s not really tired (we didn’t even get to the end of the road before lights out)

He is extremely defiant, he will not do wees and poos in the potty, he will not go out for a walk if he doesn’t want to and he will have an ice cream

He’s wise when it comes to nature…I have been told all about cocoons/butterflies, tagpoles(aka tadpoles)/frogs and eggs/chicks.

He still rocks at Duplo…and he does secretly like a cuddle now and then.


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