Beautiful bluebells and the chicken pox


Chicken pox has struck…”one turned up here mummy and here…and here” (we could be here a while) and perhaps most upsetting for him the ones that turned up on his willy! Big one feels scratchy and itchy or in his words “spicy” and is horrified when I mention we can see people again when the spots have crusted over, “crusted over?!”.

Little one craving attention so decided today was the day to find his voice. Quite a voice after such silence and lovely coos, intense screaming followed by immediate smiles, now being played by a 9 week old as well as his brother!

So what to do? Multiple baths which apparently are soothing if you put oats in. A quick google suggested a handful in a clean sock under the tap and I have to say he was in a much better place after that. Glad I spent £10 on some medicated cream that he won’t let me touch him with.

So we decided to visit the bluebell woods for a nice walk and hopefully not too much exposure to others. I needed to get out of the house before I lost my mind, there is only so much Peter Rabbit a girl can take!

Grandma (who is likely to feature relatively regularly over the next few months) came with us. With our trusty national trust cards (she commented on my middle aged nature with my car sticker) we ventured to a local place of interest.

Lots of strops about going home and turning round (G not grandma) I tried my hardest to remain calm and carry on and do you know into the woods he eventually went. I usually resort to bribery but something about the fresh air just made me carry on walking and appearing enthusiastic. Armed with a stick and with the prospect of poking around in some mud he had a wonderful time!

And so we survived the day and wore him out enough to ensure a sound nights sleep – sadly I then made some chicken fajitas which we annoyingly too spicy for me


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