A bit of background…

imageI thought my first post should be a bit of background; a brief intro into why I decided to blog and a bit about where we are today. I hope that in the future G and H will enjoy having a read of their adventures….

We are now a family of four, for us this is completeness. H arrived on my mums birthday in the early morning after a difficult labour….mainly because at 10lbs 3oz he was over 2lbs bigger than his brother and in the wrong position! I knew it was H in there; pregnancy had been much the same as last time, albeit I was much bigger and more tired second time round, but that’s life with a toddler, a big baby and a busy job!

I work four days a week in a local town, love my job and work with some fab people. I really appreciate the benefits of being a working mum, but also the difficulties that it brings and the guilt that you can’t help but feel. But I have come to accept that whilst I adore my boys for us being together 24/7 forever would not be a good idea. A healthy balance of work, home and nursery (at some points more unhealthy than at others admittedly) works. I dream of working for myself and seeking slightly better balance – it’s good to dream!!

Number 2 for us has been a brilliant, H is very chilled and I feel much calmer having had one before. The adjustment of having a toddler and a little one has been interesting, G loves his new brother but is so full of energy when you just want to sit and have those newborn snuggles! I found that quite difficult at the start but we have now begun to settle and we are rubbing along well together – not to say that by 6pm I am ready for a certain daddy to come home and take over! I am lucky that G has days at nursery so I can enjoy H. We have had a run of illness though so quite a few home days!

Just to put it out there my baby has started to sleep through. He’s a big, full, contented baby. He’s bottle fed and clearly loves it and we are a happy mummy and H which to me is all that matters. His smiles and laughs make me melt and I cannot wait to find out all about him, his similarities and differences to his brother and his hopes and dreams.

So whilst babies are hard and I love a moan for this post at least I’m looking on the bright side….this may be a one off.


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